Hiking on Song Bird Trail

Kate on the 2 mile song bird trail

The song bird trail is 2 miles and is a perfect trail for medium-ability hikers.I went to a look-out and, and as far as you can see are the wet lands. When I went on the hike there were no people except my family! There were no people because my family went on the hike right after it rained for 3 whole hours. I could hear the sound of a creek rippling in the Hiawatha National Forest.Every now and then there would be plaques with a bird name and a description with a sound. My favortie sounds were (I am so lazy)and (pee-er)! Every time we went by a bird plaque my dad would pull up the sound an his i phone. I did not see any birds because they were recuperating from the rain. When I was walking aloung the trail there were lots of mosquitos because I didn’t put on bug spray! So don’t forget to put on some bug spray before you go on hikes.


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