Gingerbread Making

The first step

I had my family over for Thanksgiving. We made 2 gingerbread houses (one for each separate family). Over on the left is a picture of when we first frosted the gingerbread house. And on the right is a picture of the finished gingerbread house. For the tree we used an upside-down ice cream cone and covered it with green frosting and nerds and for the star on top, we cut out a marshmallow into a star.  For the snow man, we got a big marshmallow and cut a smaller one for the middle and cut an even tinier one for the head. We made a hat out of a Smartie and a tiny piece of candy. Then for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons we put tiny candy. My favorite parts are the tree and the peppermint with candy around it (above the door).What is your favorite part of the gingerbread house?


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