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Funny names of towns

When I was driving to Galveston, Texas I was looking at my Atlas and saw some funny town names.

1. Bacon (Indiana)

2. Boring (Oregon)

3. Why (Arizona)

4. Whynot (Mississippi)

5. Disco (Tennessee)

6. Loafers Glory (North Carolina)

7. Handsome Eddy (New York)

8. Loveladies (New Jersey)

9. Husband (Pennsylvania)

10 .Sweet Lips (Tennessee)

11. Lonelyville (New York)

12. Cranky Corner (Louisiana)

13. Oatmeal (Texas)

14. Tightwad (Missouri)

15. Pie Town (New Mexico)

16. Goobertown (Arkansas)

17. Surprise (Arizona)

18. Daylight (Indiana)

18.Nowhere (Arizona)

19. Bagdad (Arizona)

20.Calfornia (Maryland)

And there are many more!!


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