I am in Galveston, Texas with all four grandparents, Aunt Mary, Uncle Phil, Uncle Matt, my mom, my dad and my two brothers. The beaches are very nice but a problem has occurred. Dead seaweed has washed up on the shores for miles and miles. Some people think it is a problem and some think it is fine. 

   Another thing that I saw was a shark. (It was dead.) The shark was about four feet long and a foot wide. Someone had taken a knife and cut off the tail and all of the fins. It was a fresh cut.  

   Today I went to Moody Gardens. At Moody Gardens, there are  pyramids. One of the pyramids is a rainforest you go through it and it seems like you are actually walking through a rainforest. It has cool trees from all across the world. And different kind of animals from across the world like sloths. The second pyramid is a aquarium with a lot of fish and aquatic animals.  I saw a huge octopus. A lot of sharks were there too. The third pyramid was discovery were you learn about pitch and volume. It sounds kind of boring put it is really fun. You can play a piano with you feet, play a violin, and go into different booths to do fun activities.

   There is also a small water park with a lazy river. A golf corse is also there. (The dads went yesterday.) You could spend your whole day at Moody Gardens and not get every thing done! I had a very fun time and I want to go back.


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