Door County, Wisconsin

My family and I own a RV and we went up to Wisconsin to camp. On the first day we went hiking at Newport State Park and took a 2.2 mile route. It is a beautiful route that shows Lake Michigan. At one part there was a little cove that we played in. My little brother, Charles fell asleep in the car ride when went to Wilson’s ice cream shop due to the hike. Wilson’s ice cream shop is the best place I have ever been for ice cream. They serve food, ice-cream, Milkshake, Root beer floats and much more!! I got Dark Secret which is chocolate ice cream with fudge around it and march mellow cream on top with a big juicy cherry on top! Andrew got a Root Beer Frosty. A big mug with Root beer and vanilla ice cream with (Frost) on top. A clown sundae is what Charles got. Bowl with vanilla ice cream and a cone on top of it with chocolate chips for eyes, cherry for nose and whipped cream for mouth. We are planning to go again.


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