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Honor Flight

My Girl Scout troop is trying to achieve the highest award that G S Juniors can earn. It’s called the bronze award. We are supposed to do a service project that more people should know about. We chose Indy Honor Flight it is an organization where they send WWII veterans to the memorial in Washington D.C. Each veteran is $450 and my troop, 1880 is trying to send four veterans!

They start the day at 5 in the morning and get on the plane. Then they meet their guardian for the day that will take them around. They see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the WWII monument. On the way back they receive hundreds of letters from family and people they do not know! When they come home a big crowd is waiting for them.

I think it is important to do this because WWII veterans are dying in numbers each day and it is our time to show them how thankful we are to them. It is mixing the greatest generation to nows generation.

If you want more info go to


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