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Canterbury Tales (and Dover Too)

Tuesday August 12, 2014

After a good nights rest, I felt energized.  Our plan of the day was to go to Dover Castle. It is on the English Channel, and across from the English Channel is France. So guess what? I saw France! Small, and in the distance.

Dover Castle was built in the 400s AD. In WWII they evacuated British soldiers from Dunkirk, France in a daring naval feat to Dover.

At Dover Castle, there were actors playing parts of important characters. One man played King Henry II, and we had to bow down to him.  I got my white pants dirty bowing.

Inside the castle basement, we saw the kitchen. The next floor had the royal bedroom for children and the great hall. The top floor had an amazing view of the channel.

photo 3-6
Canterbury Catherdral

After lunch there was a pretend fight between the Flemish and the Saxons.  The crowd was divided between these two “teams” and we fired bombards, which are like missiles, towards shields which were our target.

Each family participation got to fire our bombard and Andrew, my brother, and I scored!!  Only one other family scored on our team. photo 2-2 photo 1-3Continued our tour to Canterbury Cathedral.  The Cathedral has been there for 1,400 photo 3-4years.  I could not believe how detailed and what good shape it was for being build so long ago.

There are many Archbishop of England buried in the Cathedral.  On top of each tomb there is a likeness of the deceased.

I love the beautiful stain glass windows, each one telling its own story.  On the outside of the Cathedral there was scaffolding in place to do maintenance to the many years of wear weathering.

We saw where Thomas Becket was killed by knights of King Henry II. Thomas Becket was an Archbishop of Canterbury. The odd thing is, there was no tomb for Thomas Becket. We saw where it had been over the years. It was likely destroyed and that’s why we couldn’t see it.

While we were there we got to hear the church choir practicing. It was beautiful music and filled the cathedral with what seemed almost magical harmonies. I also got to hear the cathedral’s bell ringing.

That’s all for now. Cheerio!


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