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My Journey to Europe

Sat. August 9 2014


With an entire month left of summer vacation my family is going to Europe – specifically England. I am going with my mom, dad, two brothers and grandparents. Saturday we left around 2:00 and drove to my aunt and uncle’s house near Chicago. We spent the night at their house and left around 8:00 in the morning for the flight at 10:50. We dropped off our luggage, went through security and finally arrived at our terminal. A hour or so later we learned that our flight was delayed for thirty minutes because the intercom was not working and the pilot needs the intercom to talk to the radio tower. Then it was delayed for thirty minutes again and again and again until it was 1:00 Chicago time. Finally, we flew to Raleigh, North Carolina and arrived around 3:00. Then we had a light dinner at Carolina Pub. And a hour later got on our plane. It was going to be a seven hour flight. The dinner was salad, bread role, rice and chicken, and a brownie. After dinner iron man was playing on the t.v in the plane. I watched my own movie and read. I finally tried to get to bed but I only fell asleep for 20 minutes. It was miserable…..


One thought on “My Journey to Europe

  1. Hi Kate! So glad to hear you made it safely. I am excited to hear about your trip. Please describe what you are seeing and doing!! It is fun to “live” through your words! All is good here at home.


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