Europe 2014

Different things I notice about England

* The roads are a lot smaller so the cars are a lot smaller

* In the cars the steering wheel is on the right side of the car

* The cars drive on the left side of the road unlike the right in America

* In England it is not as popular to put peanut butter on their sandwiches. Nutella is more popular

* They call the bathroom the water closet or the loo

* They do not wear baseball caps here. No baseball teams!

* Soccer is football to them and football is soccer.

* french fries are called chips, and what Americans call chips are called crisps.

* People seem to walk and bike places more here and are in good shape

* When someone puts a building up for lease or rent they call it “to let”

* instead of saying go to the cash register to pay they say go to the till to pay

* hedgerows, shrubbery and stone walls line most of the streets

* most little villages have churches and towns have cathedrals

* there are many telephones booths but every one has their own phone now so they are not maintained and kept up

* there are not many ads or billboards

* almost every house has a unique name like ours pixie place!

* In Indiana we had cattle and horses everywhere but here is many sheep

* In the UK they have chimney pots on they chimneys

* We we have events, parties or festivals they call it fete


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