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Blenheim Palace

photo 5-3
This is the room where Winston Churchill was born.
photo 4-5
The gardens at Blenheim

Saturday August 16, 2014

Blenheim Palace is the place where Winston Churchill was born. Winston Churchill did not live here. His father was not the Duke because he was the youngest son.

The way that the first Duke earned Blenheim was that he won the Battle of Blenheim for Queen Anne. She was so thankful she granted him a Dukeship and with it gave him land.  She told him he could build as big of a house as he’d like and she would pay for it. He built a palace that was exquisitely built. The 11th Duke of Malborough still lives there today.  Visitors are not allowed to see his private quarters, but can see a lot of the house and grounds. The parts that you can see are breathtaking.

Blenheim’s grounds are huge, we toured the rose garden that has dozens of different types of roses. There is also a maze, that is accessible by a mini-train, or a 15 minute walk from the house.  It was a very kid friendly place – there is an entire “family area”. However, we got there too late to go to the family area.

photo 4-4


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