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Magna Carta & Oxford

photo 2-7
Memorial for Magna Carta
photo 2-8
Famous bridge in Oxford named the Bridge of Sighs

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We visited the Memorial for the Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta is the first charter of rights given by King John in 1215.  This was the first step towards greater freedom for English men.  It only applied to the Nobles at this time.

Traveling on to Oxford University.  Its name describes its position as a convenient spot for crossing the river (a ford for oxen).  The city’s first scholars, who founded the university, came from France in 1167.  The famous Bridge of Sighs is a copy of the steeply arched bridge in Venice, built in 1914.  It joins the old and new buildings of Hertford College.

Radcliffe Camera  (Camera, meaning “room” in Latin; colloquially, “Rad Cam”and Radcliffe meaning John Radcliffe who left his money to pay for the building after his death) was built in 1737-1749.  This Classical building is Oxford’s most distinctive building and is now a reading room of the Bodleian. This library has access to any books published in the whole U.K.

Radcliffe Camera

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