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The Trout Inn

photo 1-6
The Peacock

Saturday August 16,2014

Last night my grandfather and grandmother wanted to go to the Trout Inn because one of their favorite T.V shows was partly filmed there. It is called Inspector Morse. It was so packed that we had to sit outside. Luckily we sat next to an umbrella heater.

Inspiration to Aslan

The food was very good and so was the scenery. The pub was on a river. Across the river was a stone lion and believe it or not that was the inspiration to Aslan in the chronicles of Narnia series by C.S.Lewis. There use to be a stone table but that fell apart.

The Trout Inn had a Peacock that liked to walk around and try to eat costumers food. It was so tame that I got with in a few inches of it. When we were done with our food we fed it a few french fries.
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