Europe 2014 · holidays · Vacation

Homestead Roman Fortess

photo 3-10
This is where the Barracks were. 8 soldiers slept in one room!
photo 1-10
Walking among the remains of the fort

Homestead is the most complete Roman Fort on Britain.  It was begun almost 1900 years ago along Hadrian’s Wall which was start in 120 AD to protect Empire from the Picts from the North.   I think it is pretty cool that you are allowed to walk on the remains of the wall.  Probably in the future visitors will not be able to walk on the wall on the remains of the fort.  It is fascinating how archeologist can find fragments and then know what the space was used for.

We got to run and walk on Hadrian’s Wall and can see to continue on for miles on end.  It is hard to believe the stones are there from two thousand years ago.  Many parts of the wall are missing because before it was a national moment local people would take the stones to build homes, walls and barns.


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