Europe 2014 · holidays · Vacation

Bolsover Castle

Thursday August 21 2014

Bolsover Castle is a castle was founded in the 14th century by the Peverel family. It was the Cavendish built into a great stately home. Half of the castle in in ruins and the part that the family lived in is still available to see. There are great guides that give you a videos tours through the stables, great hall, and paintings in the family living area.

William Cavendish was the father of modern dressage.  Dressage is a type of horseback ridding where you train the horse to do intricate dances.

Only a part of the castle was used for the family most of it was for parties and events. The part that the parties were in is in ruins. I loved the ornate painting on every ceiling in the bedrooms. photo-25


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