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Trip to Chicago

This year in-between Christmas and New Years my family took a trip to the Windy City. I am going to share a few of my favorite highlights with you!:)

While staying in Chicago we got to go to a Blue Man Group performance and I would definitely recommend this for any age. My whole family loved it and I would go back!

A scary thing that we did was going to the top of the Willis (old Sears) Tower and stand on the sky deck. The sky deck is a glass box connected to the building that looks over the city but it’s 108 stories up! It was a good experience to go out of my comfort zone!

If you go there you should check out the Bean. The Bean is a large art sculpture that is in the shape of a bean and is reflective. You can touch and go under it. Its really cool to take pictures with!

We also went to the Field Museum. Right now they have a Greek exhibit with a bunch of Greek artifacts that are in great condition. It was cool to see how modern and how they were advanced in society. We also took a stop the Egyptian, Mammoths and Dinosaurs exhibits.

The last stop I made was going to tea at the Four Seasons hotel with my mom. The tea room is like no other and is very fancy and gorgeous, the perfect atmosphere for a afternoon tea. The finger food that they serve is also quite delicious. They also have a kids meal!

This trip was so much fun and I think that I might be going again soon!:)


looking down from 108 stories up!
the bean
Greek mirror
Greek helmet
tea goodies



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