Weird Things You Don’t Know

Today I decided to share some interesting hacks that I bet you never knew! I found these on Pinterest, Google and some that I all ready know! enjoy these life hacks!


Put a mini marshmallow at the bottom of an ice cream cone to keep the ice cream from dripping out of the bottom.


Roast a bunch of s’mores at once by putting them on a rake. Roast 10+ marshmallows at a time!!


Having a movie night with your friends and want to watch an old Disney movie? click here

If your flip-flop breaks and you are in a pinch, use a bread clip to fix it.


When cutting strawberries and you don’t want to cut off the whole stem, use a straw to push it out.


Use a fitted sheet on the beach to keep the sand away.


When going to the beach and don’t want your flip-flops to burn when you put them back on, flip them over.

Use a cupcake liner at the bottom of the popsicle to hold the drips.


Buckle your seat belt when your car sits in the sun so it doesn’t get hot.

The tab on the soda can is for a straw.




None of these pictures are mine all credits go to google.



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