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Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

Sandusky, Ohio

Hi welcome back to my blog. I have some exciting news, I am going on a 21 day RV trip eastward to New England with my family and dog 🙂 . I will be telling you my thoughts from this trip from my perspective. We are going to be stopping by different camp grounds and eventually make our way all the way to Canada living in an RV!

Day 1

To begin our adventure we stayed at Crystal Rock Campground in Sandusky, Ohio on Friday and Saturday night. The camp ground was enjoyable. It had a game room, swing set and a place where you could pan for gems. The bath houses were pretty good. I would say the spots where you park the RVs were a little tight but not that bad. I would go back again.

Once we were done unpacking the RV we went to explore downtown. I found a great place to eat called Dockside Cafe. All of the locals go there so we knew it must be good. They specialize in tacos and burgers and their fries were so delicious!  The line to get your food was about 20 minutes and the tacos I got were great, especially for the cheap prices. Since it was so close to the lake it was cool seeing the boats docking and going out to the lake. I loved seeing the sun as it set touch and glisten in the water. That was a close to our first night.


Day 2

Cedar Point

On Sunday we went to Cedar Point Amusement Park where we spent the whole day. We left our dog at Cedar Point’s pet check, which was so helpful. I had never been to a bigger amusement park or one that had that many roller coasters. They had every kind you would want, wooden, metal some with flips and some without and even some kid ones. But I would definitely say that most of them are for older kids. My favorites were the ValRavn and Mllenium Force. They were both super scary and were worth the long wait times! I would recommend a fast pass if you don’t want to wait in the long lines and if you are going on a weekend. Although I didn’t have one I would have loved one! Cedar Point was a blast!!

After our long day at the park we went to another place we found because of all the locals crowding around it, Tofts Dairy. They had 30+ flavors of ice cream and they had malts and sundaes. Boy it was hard to choose which flavor I wanted but I settled on Mackinaw Island Fudge. Yum!

Day 3

Travel Day

On Monday we packed up our mobile home and we are drove 5 and a half hours to New York State where we are going to see Niagara Falls! Stay tuned for the falls!!


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