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Niagara Falls, Canada


Buffalo New York

Day 3 continued – Monday

We traveled from Sandusky, Ohio to Buffalo New York. The trip took and five and a half hours. We stayed at Branches of Niagara campground and resort. My first impression of this campground was wow!! They had so many activities to do like renting big quad bikes, mini golf, two really nice pools, volleyball courts, basket ball courts, oversized checkers, fishing, canoeing, laser tag, outdoor movies and a play ground. They also have group games at scheduled times if you want to join. The bath houses were the nicest I have seen!

We swam a little in the pools. One of them is in a shape of a lazy river and the other is a regular pool. They are both very clean and enjoyable. After swimming my brothers and I played mini golf and the big checkers.

Day 4-Tuesday

Niagara falls

Before we went on our trip we had asked a bunch of our friends who had been to Niagara Falls if they liked the Canadian side or the US side better. Most of them said the Canadian had better views so we went to Canada for the day!

We got the adventure pass for Niagara falls. It included a ride on the Hornblower, the boat, Niagra Fury, a movie, Behind the Falls, and White Water Walk.

You get to schedule all of your activities and we chose the Hornblower boat ride to do first. They give you rain poncho because the boat takes you so close to the falls. You get so close that if you didn’t have the poncho you would be drenched. I also would recommend getting something waterproof to incase your phone if you still want to take pictures. Mine got wet and has a little damage under the screen! 😦 But other than that, I loved the boat ride. It was one of my favorites of the day. It’s so cool to get so close to the falls and hear the thundering and the force of the water. We did it early in the morning and I am glad we did because the line got twice the size later in the day. So go early, around 10-12.


The next activity we scheduled was Niagara Fury which was a little bit of a walk from the boat. They give you another poncho to add to your collection! The movie was cute. It was about a chipmunk who learns all about how the falls were made. Then the movie takes you into a 360 panoramic room which takes you “up close” and it sprays water and snow as if to reenact the falls. The first part of the movie was geared towards little kids but the latter was really cool.

Behind the Falls was scheduled next and of corse they give you another poncho, this time yellow! haha. You literally go in tunnels behind the falls.  There are two openings behind the falls. You can see and hear all the water rushing down at about 10 feet away. There is an observation deck that takes you 10 feet or closer to the falls. You get really soaked again! It’s cool to hear the thundering of the falls and how powerful it is.  IMG_0870-2



When we were done with that we wanted to look around Canada a little bit. Toronto is about an hour away and we wanted to do that but we had our dog in the RV back in the states so we felt a little guilty and we didn’t know how long the customs lines would be to get back into the US. We were really tired from all of our activities so we decided to opt out on the White Water Walk. I am sure it would have been fun but we decided to not do it. Instead we went to a great ice cream place called  Avondale Dairy Bar. It was about 10 minutes from the falls and had a great choice of everything. I got a root bear float.

On our way back to the US we went on a different bridge than the one we had come on because we thought the lines would be shorter. We knew that all the tourists would be coming back from Niagara Falls and we were right! We got through customs in less the 20 minutes. Also before we crossed the border we went to a duty-free or tax-free store and stocked up in Cadbury Chocolate! my favorite kind!!

Getting back to the camp ground, we were reunited with our dog, Ellie and she was great for spending 7 hours in her cage. She was very hyper and eager to get exercise. My brothers and I also played another game of mini golf and swam but then we wanted to rent the bikes that had that had five seats (are they called quad bikes?!) We rented it for 30 minutes and biked around the campground. It was really fun and I wish we payed for an hour.

Wow so that was a long day and tomorrow we leave for the Adirondacks in Upper New York!!


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