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Adirondacks, New York

Next on our trip after Niagara Falls we drove 7 hours to the Adirondacks in north eastern New York. It’s so beautiful here with all of the mountains and lakes. We stayed at North Pole Resort and Campground in Lake Placid. The campground is nice and has a great pool, playground, game room, mini golf course and it’s even on the lake! You can rent canoes and kayaks.

Day 5- Olympic Activities

Lake Placid is home to a Olympic Training Facility. The olympics where also heard in 1936 and 1980. We got Olympic “passports.” Its a good deal for $33 and everything you can do really makes up for it. So many things are included and the pass expires in a year so you can do the activities for a while.

The first thing that we did and was included in our pass was hiking up the top of Mt.Whiteface. There is a castle up there that you can go into and the views are amazing! You can see Lake Placid from up there and see many miles out.


Next we went on a gondola ride. The gondola ride takes you to the top of another mountain where there are more views but you can also see Olympic ski trails. The gondolas are still used in the winter time for skiers convienence. At the bottom of the mountain are many activities for kids to do. There is this giant pillow or blob that you jump onto. A scissor lift take you to your desired height and then you make the jump. I took the jump at 40 feet in the air! It was scary but so fun!


We also went on a tour of a bobsled, skeleton and luge track. It was cool to experience all of the turns of the track and know what the racers have to go through. In the winter time they fill the track with ice but in the summer tourists are allowed to walk on the 20” tall, concrete track.

The last thing we did for the day was going to the olympic jumping complex. This is where all of the olympic ski jumping happens when the skiers go down a 120 meter jump to land on a hill below the jump. On that hill the skier try to get as far out from the jump as they can. On the hill that the skiers land on, people are allowed to tube down. The surface that you go down on is a plastic and is wetted down to create a slick surface. Tubing is really fun  and was really scary the first time I did it. We also had the opprutunity to go up to the top of the ski jump! It was really cool.

Inside the Bobsled track

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    1. Hi! I would love to help you out. There are a few things that you have you consider when you buy an RV. A few things are, towing capacity that will fit with your car, how long you will be away on your trip. If you are away for a longer time I suggest getting a little larger of an RV because of storage and comfort level. There are also some perks to slide out rather than pop outs. We used to have a pop out RV where the beds are in the pop out and you have to remake them every time you come and go which is a nuisance. Also if you get one with a pop out you have to be wary that some campgrounds in the northwest have bears so they wouldn’t be allowed. If you get an RV with slide outs all you have to do is press a button and your living room or bedroom become instantly larger! We upgraded from a pop out to a slide out RV just for the month trip that we are on now and we are so glad for that purchase!
      And for inside storage— You need to get command clips, door hangers, clothing organizers, baskets and shelves. I recommend going on Pinterest to find ideas. RVs are notorious for having poorly thought out storage compartments. For example ours has one that is 4 inches deep and 3 feet high. So we took those dimensions to our local hardware store and had them cut boards so they could fit our space! Also check out the Dollar Store, Ikea, and Target/Walmart for more storage solutions.
      I hope this helped!! Good luck

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