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Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts

8/13 Saturday

Massachusetts bound!

So after we left the North Pole campground we drove 8 hours and stopped at Fort William Henry. There was a video representation,  a program that set off the rifles and cannons and a kids program where you search for questions and get a prize. We only stayed for an hour and a half and we saw about all that we could see. We kept driving for 2 hours to get to PineWood Campground.

I would not recommend this camp ground. We felt like we were nickeled and dimed.  If you want to take a shower, 25 cents for 3 minutes. If you want to play a game in the lodge, al of them cost money. You can bring your dog but  the are only allowed in limited areas. There is a white line that warns you that you can’t bring your dog 100 feet from the lodge. The bathrooms were marginal and the wifi was bad. Even though we were there to camp I couldn’t post on here and they advertised that they had great wifi. We also had bad neighbors with little kids that were up at 6 in the morning and there was a noise policy. Ok now I am done with my ranting!

We usually end our night with watching the olympics and a snack. That will be a fun memory to look back on.

8/14 Sunday


On this day we went to Plimouth Plantation. I was used to Plimouth being spelled with a y (Plymouth) but people here in Massachusetts they spell it with an i (Plimouth) because the early settlers did it that way. To keep it simple I will be spelling it with a i. Our ticket included a few different sites. The first one we went to was an Indian Village. There were real indians there and they were doing things that they would have done in the 17th century, They were dressed like real Indians and you could ask them questions. It was really interesting.


The next place was the craft house. It was nice to get A.C. because it was 98 degrees outside. Inside you could watch bread and candle making and someone sticking a blanket.

The Plimouth Plantation was right outside that. It was set to look like what it would have in 1620. You could see the church that had someone teaching us a psalm to sing. I though that was cool because it was Sunday and we couldn’t go to church. There were many houses that you go into with people doing there daily lives. You could ask them questions. We would have stayed longer but we couldnt take the heat. It was just way too hot and we were getting droopy haha.

They have a replica of the Mayflower called Mayflower II and you have to drive to the pier and docks for that. It was about 10 minutes drive from the Plimouth visitor center. In the boat you see the kitchen, upper and lower docks. The lower docks are where all the passengers, livestock and stores were. They said that a few rats where good and if you didn’t have a few that means that the rats knew something was wrong with the food and could be poisonous. So you want a few rats!! The passengers were down under the dock for 3 months and didnt see the sun for that whole time! It was like jail down there! The top dock was where the crew lived and worked though all of the storms.

view from Mayflower II


Plimouth rock is close by to that. If you don’t know what that is, it is rumored to be the first thing that the pilgrims (or the crew of the ship:)) stepped foot on in the new world. Of course you can’t touch it, you are high above it, but that would be cool! It is a rock with the engraving of “Plimouth 1620” on it. Thats pretty much all! Its a rock.

IMG_6601I found a gift shop with the cutest stuff in it. I got a sweater and a pink hat that were both so cute!! Ok! I had to put that in so in pictures you can see that hat!!

For dunch (dinner and lunch) we went to Wood Seafood. It was really good but there was no A.C. and that was one of the reasons that we wanted to eat. In the end we got use to the air and it was all good.



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