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Harvard & Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts


Harvard is one of the nations oldest colleges. It is very conveniently located close to Boston. Harvard is a very pretty campus and I loved the Harvard Yard. It’s a big green area where students usually study but right now all the students are coming for orientation and getting their dorms moved in. We got there too late to go on any tours so we walked around for a while and then made way to Lexington and Concord.

famous Harvard gate



We actually went in the wrong side of the Lexington and Concord and didn’t realize it until we went to the visitors center! haha.  We saw the bridge that the famous battle of Lexington and Concord happened in the Revolutionary war against the British and the colonists. We then drove to the beginning of the park and watched a really good interactive movie all about the Revolutionary War.IMG_6799It was now rush hour and we wanted to wait out the traffic so we went to a near by swimming pond called Walden’s pond. We wadded around a while and it was really fun. Many other people were there swimming. IMG_6806

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