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Big Mansions in Rhode Island

Hey! I am home now from my trip but I am still catching up. The last place I stayed didn’t have good wifi so I couldn’t post! Sorry


We stayed in a campground in Massachusetts and we drove for the day to Newport, Rhode Island to visit mansions. Newport is known for its lavish and exquisite summer “cottages” or mansions surrounding the coast. Some of these mansions are now able for the public to see called Newport Mansions. The first mansion we toured was called the Breakers built by the Vanderbilt family, wealthy american entrepreneurs. I couldn’t believe the size and detail of this home. This is only their home for 10 weeks for the year so I wonder what their full-time houses looked like! The home is modeled after an Italian Villa. Many of the rooms are decorated with stain glass all the way to tapestries. Most of all the trim is done in gold and many paintings flood the ceilings. To make it even better they have a back courtyard with the view of the ocean! I loved this house. It was my favorite.

During all of these houses are audio tours that walk you through the house and I would highly recommend these. They are so helpful!


Next we had a quick picnic and drove to the Marble House. The Marble House gets its name because its outside is made of all marble and most of the inside.  Its really pretty inside and the lawns are beautiful. There were so many shades of marble that I didnt know existed. Some of the rooms are like the Breakers in the way that of the ornamenting and the paintings. There is a japenese tea house that we wanted to go to but right now its under construction. I would of loved to check that out.



The last house we went to was Rosecliff. Rosecliff is really pretty but its not as interesting as the other houses. It felt like they didnt have enough to show so they threw in a exibit about yachting. It is kinda weird inside but the outside is beautiful.

We ate at a place called Easton’s Snack Bar. I got a really good fish sandwhich. This snack bar was right on the beach so the views were great!



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