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Yale, Connecticut


We visited Yale. The campus is so beautiful. If I could choose between Harvard or Yale, I would choose Yale because the “vibe” is way better. It’s more of a campus feel than a college stuck in the middle of a city. All of the architecture is modeled after english castles and gothic. The architects wanted the buildings to look old so they poured acid on the roofs and intentionally aged all of the buildings. Some of the buildings are less than 100 years old but they look 300 years old.

I learned all of this information on a guided tour we took. The tour started at the visitors center and ended at a Yale bookstore. We got to walk around to different libraries and colleges. Yale is made up of different colleges. The college you are put in determines where you stay and it not by what you are studying or what extracurricular activities you are taking. This way you can meet many new people! We got to go into Berkeley college and see the green study areas where students are moving in, just like Harvard. Yale is really cool and would be fun to visit again.

IMG_6916IMG_6931IMG_6920IMG_6921To eat we went to Frank Pepe’s Pizza. I would recommend going here to eat. People say that it’s the best pizza in the world and I would too! The pizza was so good, the line was out the door! For dessert we went to a nearby sweet shop and picked up some cannolis! The had cool flavors like Oreo and peanut butter. IMG_6926

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