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New York City, New York


The camping ground we stayed at, called Blackbear campground in northern New York, had guided bus tours that left from the campground and took you all through NYC for the day. It was a little expensive but worth it. We as a family would have never been able to visit all the places we saw or be able to navigate our way through NYC in a car! We loaded the bus and took of at 8 in the morning but because of traffic and distance we got there around 9:20. Our tour guides name was Al and he was great. He knows a lot about the city because he has grown up around there.

The first stop was times square. They gave us a half an hour to let us walk around and shop. We stopped by a souvenir shop right in the middle of times square and we enjoyed all the times square lights.I have never been to Times Square or even New York before this and I thought that Times Square was just amazing. You can see the crystal ball that drops down every year for New Years. They are even starting to decorate and hang lights up right now! We even saw a woman modeling clothes. Maybe she was for a big time magazine like Vogue?? haha On our way back to the bus we stopped by a pastry shop where we got to take muffins to eat on the bus.


Next we got to go to a church on Broadway Street called Trinity Church. This is where Alexander Hamilton is buried and this church was also burned down by the British in 1776. Since then they have restored and remade the whole church and it looks so beautiful!IMG_1211IMG_1212IMG_1215

Wall street in the next street over. I got to see the national bank, Federal Hall, the Trump Building and the New York Stock exchange. If you don’t know what Federal Hall is, it’s the place where George Washington took his oath of office to become president and it served as the first capitol building in the US.


Now here is a funny story. From wall street we walked to a place that had food vendors and things. We thought we heard from the tour guide that we could get food and meet him there in 15 minutes. What he really said was meet me by a pizza place in 5 minutes. We had gotten our food and were waiting around. We didn’t see anyone from our tour group and we were starting to get worried. We called the campground and asked for our tour guides phone number. We called him and told us where to meet. By the time we met up with him we had missed the 9/11 memorial. He didn’t want us to miss the opportunity to see it. Al told us where to go.

The 9/11 memorial was breathtaking and so sad. I really wish that we were there to hear everything from the guide. We got to see the new Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center and the Dove memorial. When we met up with our tour guide again we got to see a piece of the building that was in the shape of a cross.


We got back to our bus and drove to get on the ferry to go to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island was really cool. We only got 30 minutes to go in the museum but I wish we had 2 hours. Upstairs was the coolest. It took you through what all the immigrants had to go through like health checkups and safety checkups. There was even an area which you could look back in your family tree and see if your ancestors went through Ellis Island. I really wished we could have stayed there longer but we had a ferry to catch!IMG_1285

We then took a ferry from Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty. It is so big and beautiful in real life. If you book months in advance you can even go in and up the Statue. We walked around the Statue and it was super cool.IMG_1273IMG_1276IMG_1261

We then got in the bus and went back to the campground. It was a super fun day! I love NYC!!!

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