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How to get Free Preppy Stickers

Do you want something to decorate your water bottle, computer case or bulletin board? Then stickers are a great answer. Here is how you can score some free ones! There are three ways you can get stickers 1) self addressed envelopes 2) emailing the company      3) completing a survey.


Way #1-SASA

Here is how you do it:

What is a SASA: SASE is a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope you send to a company with you return address and you pay the postage.

Step 1: find two envelopes (preferably two different sizes, if you don’t have one you can fold it)

Step 2: On the smaller envelope write you own address as if you are sending it to your self and put a stamp in the corner. Don’t seal this envelope because this is where the company will put the stickers.

Step 3: put smaller envelope into bigger one and seal. On the bigger one write your address as the return address and the company you are sending it to as the receiving address. Put a stamp on this one too. This is the envelope that you send to the company. They will take out the smaller envelope and send you that one filled with goodies!

Step 4: This is an extra step that I did. I wrote a letter to the company telling them about requesting stickers and thanking their company for giving them away.

Step 5: Send envelope away and wait for stickers to come! Mine took around 2 weeks to come.


The companies addresses’ that you have to send SASE’s to:

North Face: N850 County Highway CB, Appleton, WI 54914

Southern Tide: 68 Pointe Circle, Suite 3202, Greenville, SC 29615

Mobile Bay: Stickers;PO Box 1127 Auburn, Al 36831

Ivory Ella P.O. Box 492 , East Lyme, CT 06333


Way #2- Contacting the company by way of email

Make sure you tell them how much you like them, what you are going to do with your stickers. Don’t forget your address!

Vineyard vines:

Southern Proper:

Summer Ties:


Ron John Surf Shop:




Way #3- fill out a survey on their website

chacos:  here

Simply Southern: here

jadelynn brooke: here

Fish Hippie: here

North Face: here

Osprey: here

Moosejaw: here

Swell: here

Billabong: here

Southern Marsh: here

Pelican Coast: here

********** Call Patagonia  1-800-638-6464 and request a sticker

Hoped this helped you!Untitled-2


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