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Top 10 Fall things to do in Indy

Hey guys! Today has been a beautiful fall day! The leaves have almost all fallen down but the weather is beautiful! As some of you may know, I live in Indy and there are so many fun things to do here in my home town!

  1. Stucky Farms/Tuttle Orchards– I mentioned this a few posts back but they are orchards where you can pick apples and pumpkins. A great place to take cute fall photos:)
  2. Connor Praire Headless Horse Man- I have been doing this every year for 5 years! They have food, games, a hayride and is great for kids.
  3. Go Ape–  Go Ape is a zip line course in the tree tops located in Eagle Creek Park! I love it so much that I have been twice!
  4. Take Fall Pictures- Indy is so beautiful at this time of year with all of its fall foliage. I had a blast with my friend the other day just getting out and taking some fun pictures! Especially during this beautiful weather!
  5. Drumstick Dash– This is a 5k charity race around Broadripple on thanksgiving day!
  6. Zoo Boo– Go trick or treating at the Indy Zoo and see the animals.
  7. Traders Point Octoberfest– Celebrate all things German while listening to music and eating some great food. There are many fun games and a hay ride through corn fields. And a petting zoo! Great for all ages
  8. Hiking in Eagle Creek Park– There are many different trails of beautiful paths you can take by the water for all sets of ages.
  9. Indy Scream Park– If you are daring, go to this haunted house for a scare of your life!
  10. Feast of the Hunters Moon– Located in Lafayette, a festival with food and games and reenactors of Native Americans and the French.

Have a great fall! Also shout out to seersuckerandsaddles for coming over today to give me some inspo for my blog!

xxx- Kate


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