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10 Packing Tips and Tricks: Europe

img_4729-2Hey! Let’s talk travel! Everybody is busy packing for trips during the holidays and I wanted to share tips that I swear by! These hacks mainly apply to week(s) long trips but work for shorter ones. I learned all of these when I went to the U.K in 2014 and learned from my mistakes of what and what not to bring! We went to Europe in August of 2014 when I was in 6th grade and since then I have perfected my ways!:) In some ways, I overpacked but I still found that I didn’t have much to wear.

  1. Bring Color Coordinating Clothes– I brought many bright colors that didn’t match and I couldn’t make many different outfits so I suggest bringing neutral colors or colors that all go together so you can mix-match the clothes you brought. For example, bring greys, blacks and whites, with a few pops of color. Voila!  It will all match.
  2. Don’t Overpack -This one goes with the one above but you can wear different pieces from other outfits to create new ones! -I recommend 5 Tops, 3 pants,3 shorts, 2 dresses, 3 jackets, tennis shoes, flats and sandals.
  3. Roll your clothes and use a EBag packing cube– This saves on so much space and makes it seem like your suitcase is larger. To do this it is a must that you roll your clothes and a great option is to use ebags packing cubes to put all of your rolled up clothes in and stack them in your bag.      Here’s a few pictures of how the cubes keep you organized.
    Rolled and ready for the ebag.
    A tale of two types of packing: what and what not to do.

    Ebags are ready to travel!
  4. Bring a Cosmetic Bag in your carry-on– the 2 flights combined to the U.K  were 9 hours total! That’s a lot of plane time. Putting a cosmetic bag in your carry will make  you feel and look refreshed after your long plane ride. Bring a travel-sized tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, deodorant and/or perfume, hair ties, any makeup to touch up.
  5. Layer at the airport-Not only does it get cold on the plane but you can double-up and use them as outfits.
  6. Put valuables in your carry-on-  the ones you can’t have stolen or need once you get off the plane. You never know if the airline could misplace your bag, leaving you without it for a few days. Pack any electronics, prescribed daily medications, chargers, earbuds, and anything else valuable. Of course, any of this can be replaced but it can be a hassle and a waste of money.
  7. Tuck away breakable things -(like sunglasses) in your tennis shoes or socks to protect them and wrap your shoes in a shower cap if they are dirty.
  8. Bring a raincoat and an umbrella -This is necessary if you’re going to England. It rained almost every day we were there! We even had to buy some there because we were a party of 7 and only brought 2.
  9. Cotton pad and Plastic Wrap your products -So that your products don’t spill all over your bag or break, put a cotton ball on top of your makeups and put plastic wrap under the lids of lotions, shampoos, face washes, ect.
  10. Pack an extra bag for laundry– when going on long trips who knows when the next time you might be able to get your hands on a washer so pack a bag to put the overly dirty clothes in an extra bag.
  11. Put Dryer Sheets in your suitcase– it makes your clothes smell clean longer!


Hope these tips and tricks helped you out! Hope you enjoyed the extra hack!

Stay tuned for more xxx,




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