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Visiting Buffalo and Tobogganing!

Hey! Happy Cyber Monday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break for those of you that live in the U.S! I know I had a great one! We had family come from Iowa over the week and stay with us until Sunday. We ate a lot of food, watched many movies and played a lot of games. To top it all of we spent Saturday and Sunday morning in Pokagon State Park in northern Indiana. Pokagon State Park is roughly a 2-hour drive from Indianapolis and has many great lakes.

One of our friends who has a lake house up there recommended us to go to a Buffalo Ranch called Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves. It was $8 a person to go on a tour of the ranch. They leave every hour and take you on the back of a truck that has seats. It feels like a safari! But it was so cold with no trees around to shield from the wind, I had to switch coats with my mom! So bring a lot of layers if you are going in the winter. There are two stops on the tour, the first one is where you take the truck into the field and get up close to the buffalo (which the tour guide said they were actually called bison). He stood there and talked to us and gave us facts about the bison for about 3o minutes. The second stop was an idol for the female bison. He said that some Indians come and actually worship there. So it’s still an active place of worship. Then I was so thankful when we got to go in the warm store and bought some buffalo meat to take home!

We then made our way to Potawatomi Inn and Resort. We stayed at little cabins there which were rustic and we felt that they were unclean. There is also an Inn there and I can’t speak for that but I would recommend camping there if you have an RV because you would have your own sleeping arrangements and provide your own food. But the resort has many different things to offer like a toboggan run, hay rides, a beach, bike rental, nature center, horse barn and more!!

Next we did the toboggan run! Our cabin was only 100 feet away from the end of it! The way it all works is that you rent out a toboggan per hour ($15) and choose between 3 or 4 seater and a 40 and a 60 pounds one. Since we are a family of 5 we got the four-seater. The 60-pound sled is supposed to go faster than the 40-pound one but we got the smaller one. After you are done going down half a mile track you have to carry it all the way to the top! So you can see why we would want to get the lightest one possible. My cousins had the bigger one but they switched to the smaller one because it was heavy for them to carry and they said that they didn’t feel the difference in speed! So definitely get the smaller one! I can’t tell you how much fun the ride was! It was a blast! My parents even loved it and alternated each turn. We got 6 rides in during the whole hour and I would have loved to keep going but I was exhausted from all of that lugging up the hill!  Afterward we got the best hot coco I have ever tasted located in the “warming room”, above where you rent the sleds. It was so rich and creamy!! And it was a great way to end all of the cold sledding!

We ate dinner at the lodge and had a buffet. It was okay but not great. I recommend bringing your own food! In the lodge they have a living room with a fire place and all of the cousins sat my the fire and played card games! I had a lot of fun and many laughs were had! 🙂

In the morning, on our way back home we ate at a dinner called the red arrow. My mom found this place on trip advisor and it was delicious! It was where all of the locals were so we knew it must be good!

I had such a fun weekend and I would love to go Tobogganing again and bring our RV and camp! Maybe in the spring!

xxx Kate




skulls up close!



Buffalo up close!
Our tour guide with the idol to the female bison

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