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5 things to do in Chicago in 1 day

Chicago! Chicago! How I love this windy city! I have been there many times and I would have to say that my favorite time to go is during the winter when there is snow. I went last year in between Christmas and New Years and everything was so pretty. We go there maybe once a year because we have many friends up there and its only 3 hours away! If you have never been and want to go there are defiantly some highlights! Here are my top 5!

  • The bean- it’s art and a great place to take cute insta pictures by!
  • Navy Pier- It was even open during winter with an indoor skating rink, amusement rides and a Christmas tree! But it’s so beautiful in the summer!
  • Willis Tower Sky Deck- Test your daringness while standing in a glass room 103 stories over the city of Chicago! This requires some pre-booking as some days may be more busier than others. I was really scared to do this and I hate heights but I loved this! I only stood in the glass box for 10 seconds!
  • Michigan Avenue- The hotel that I stayed at a hotel was on Michigan Avenue and we had a fun time looking around in all the shops and finding great places to eat.
  • Pizza Place- You’re in Chicago and its called Chicago Pizza for a reason! While your there it is a must that you try some deep dish pizza! IMG_6518.jpg
    The bean almost disappears from the side!


    inside navy pier

    Huge Christmas tree in Navy Pier

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