13 things for a 13-year-old: Last Minute Gift Guide

img_2703Today I am going to help you with all your shopping needs! I am such a last minute shopper and always have problems picking out gifts for people! I chose my top 13 things that I think a 13-year-old or teenager would like. There is gifts all the way from clothes to food to electronics!

1)In bulk movie tickets– I think this would be a great idea for any movie loving gal! You can buy in bulk tickets at Costco for an assortment of prices and different movie theaters. And what’s great is that they get to pick the movie!

2) Monogrammed Camelbak Water Bottle– At the beginning of school this year I got a Camelbak from and Etsy shop that had my initials in a Lilly Pulitzer pattern and I absolutely love it! I use it every day. It’s a great way to add a touch of preppiness to an everyday thing! 😉

3) Essential Oil Diffuser– This is a great gift to clear sinuses, colds and help you fall asleep! I got mine from Youngevity  and I fill it with the best fragrances! It really does help me get to sleep.

4) Polaroid Instant Printer– Connect your phone to this and instantly print out photos in Polaroid form! The cheapest one I could find was from amazon. I have seen many cute diys being made with this! It’s so quick and easy.

5) Makeup Kit– You can get really creative with this one! Choose a cute cosmetic bag and fill it with brushes, lip products, and makeup!

6) Fuzzy Blanket– This is such a simple but a useful one!! I got one from Costco for $20 last year and I have lived with it all year long! (even in the summer!!)

7) Cozy Kit- Fill a mug with their favorite tea bags, sugars, and cookies!

8)Phone Case– A great new way to spice up any phone! There are so many to choose from!

9)Head Phones- I received Beats for my birthday and they are the best headphones in the world! The quality of sound is amazing and they are so comfortable! Anyone would appreciate them! More great brands are Frens Head Phones , Sony and Skullcandy.

10)Spa Kit- Fill a toiletry bag with face masks, body scrubs, lotions, nail polish, filers, clippers and bath salts or a bath bomb!

11) Gift Cards- anyone loves a good gift card! Right?? Visa ones are the best:)

12)Sunglasses- or as they call them in the UK, Sunnies! It’s always nice to get a new pair to freshen up your collection. My favorite ones at the moment are from target.

13)Scarves- A great way to stay warm in the winter but still look fabulous is to get a scarf. I am really liking the chunky knit infinity scarves. They are nice and warm and cozy!

Hope this helped!



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