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Christmas Movie Night: Snacks and Movie Ideas



One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is cozy movie nights with great snacks. Today I got you covered from what to watch and what to snack on!! I am sharing my yop 5 Christmas movies of all time and a recipe for Puppy Chow! Movies:


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Ahhh! This is my all time favorite Christmas movie out there! It’s so funny too see the adventures and struggles the Griswalds go through!

Home Alone 1&2- How do parents leave their kid at home and the airport 2 times on 2 different Christmases while they go on vacation? Talk about bad parenting! And then the kid goes head on head with robbers!!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas- The newest one with the real people is my favorite! And Cindy Lou with her hair is so cute!

Polar Express- I remember the first time saw this movie in theaters it was my favorite childhood movie. My favorite scene is the hot chocolate one! It gets me in the Christmas spirit.

A Wonderful Life- A Christmas Classic! Follow around George Bailey and how he learns about the impact he has put on others and how his life means something.


Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies: My grandma, my brothers and I make these every year around Christmas time! I have already made a batch last week but they are so delicious and were all eaten that I had to make an another one! My great-grandmother had this recipe and we have made it ever since! I thought that she has come up with the recipe until I saw it on the back of a Chex Cereal Box. Haha!! Here’s what you need!

2 Cups of Peanut Butter

1 bag of Chex Cereal

2 Cups of Wheat Crispex

12 oz. of milk chocolate

12 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate

3-5 cups of powdered sugar

2-3 baking sheets

large cooking pan


First, you have to prep the cookie sheet and put powdered sugar on top. Then turn your stove on low and put the peanut butter and chocolate in. Mix and mix until fully incorporated and there are no more chocolate chunks. I turned up the heat to medium for just a little to melt the chocolate then I turned it back down to low.



Then add both kinds of cereal a little bit at a time and mix in. Try not to crunch the cereal so mix from underneath and fold over. Keep mixing until it’s all covered in chocolate.


When all mixed in, put on the cookie sheets and mix together with powdered sugar. I used my hands and scooped from underneath. I added more sugar on top when I needed it. You can also put in a gallon sized bag and shake for a less messier option! When you are spreading it out make sure you try to separate the big clusters to make smaller chunks!



And that’s it. So simple! Get it away from me!! I keep eating it all. Its so good! :)))



ahhh! My hands and apron are a mess!




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