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Eating at the coolest restaurant




Bubble Lights

If you haven’t seen my last post you wouldn’t have known that I am in Sanibel Island in Florida! We just arrived on Sanibel on New Years Eve and it is so beautiful here! It was a little chaotic because we got off the plane at 5:30 and had a dinner reservation at 8. In between that we had to get our checked luggage, a rental car and drive 30 minutes to the island. Then we had to meet with our neighbors from home that our letting us stay here to get the keys and then go to the Bubble Room.

I would totally recommend the Bubble Room to anyone! I don’t even know where to begin to start describing it because it’s just so cool! It is called the Bubble Room because all the lights they used to have were bubble lights. This restaurant has been featured in many magazines and is world famous. When you wait for your table you can either go to their gift shop or hang out outside. They painted their outside with bright colors and benches in rainbow. The inside is filled with vintage collectibles, fish tanks, trains and Santa clauses because it’s Christmas all year long at the Bubble Room! A “bubble scout” (aka:server) greets you dressed in a scouting uniform with cool patches and a funny hat. All of the items on the menu are named after different movies, actresses and actors. I got a steak and it was so good!:)) And while you’re there you have to get a cake, because they are known for them! We got a chocolate cake with whip cream and strawberries:)))

Afterwards we went back to our condo and did what people usually do on new years, watch the ball drop. And there were fireworks on the beach! It was such a fun memory that I will never forget!


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