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Thomas Edison and Henry Fords’ Winter Homes

Thomas Edison is famous for making the light bulb and the phonograph but did you know that his winter home in Fort Meyers, Florida had a big part in his inventions? He used the banyon tree and bamboo to make filaments for the light bulb. Thomas Edison also planted hundreds of palm trees along the road and now Fort Meyer’s is known for that street. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were bffs and that’s why they had homes neighboring each other.  Thomas Edison’s home had actually two houses on it, one house’s plan was just flipped. Ford’s home looked like it would belong in today’s times and it was cute! We took a guided tour and our guide was so nice and informative. I would totally recommend a guided tour. You get so much more out of  your time. We even became members because it was cheaper that general admission for us. Although you don’t get to go inside of the homes, the doors are opened and the insides are furnished as to what it would look like from the time period. After we took a tour of the property we went into Edison’s lab and the museum. The museum was really great for kids and was very interactive and interesting. To be honest I wasn’t really excited about going at first but when I got there I learned it was very interesting.


Edison’s home




Ford’s home



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