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Fashion Friday: Hunter Boots


In addition to traveling, I love clothes and fashion and I want to mix it up a bit! So I thought I would start a new thing where on some Fridays I will be picking my favorite outfit from the week and show you what it was. I will be posting other content but Friday’s are for fashion! I’m super pumped!

Today’s post is going to be focused on Hunter Boots. I got these boots for Christmas in Red and my mom got them in black. I also have 3 different kinds of boot socks which are such a good addition to any outfit. These shoes are actually really comfortable and I don’t have a problem with the rubber irritating my calves. But I will warn you they are very warm!! If it’s not cold enough my feet sweat! But I really love them:)

This outfit I wore on Sunday to church.

top- (one like it) gap

scarf-  Merona

jeans- American Eagle

boots- hunter


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