Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List: Iceland

As I was scrolling on Pinterest, like most days, I was inspired by so many cute travel pictures. As I was looking at the photos I found myself thinking about my travel bucket list. There are so many places on it but let’s just focus on the colder places! If you have any other places make sure to comment them down below so I can check them out:)

My first idea is Iceland. I always knew about Iceland but until the YouTubers, Brooklyn and Bailey and Aspyn Ovard went I never quite knew how cool it was. I have always wanted to see the northern lights / the Aurora Borealis. Some compare the Aurora Borealis to “an electric display of atmospheric fireworks” and others call it a “remarkable sci-fi phenomenon” but either way it would be a great place to go with people of all age groups. Another place in Iceland is the city of Reykjavik with its cute colors of buildings. It has many waterfalls to visit, places to hike and even some art museums with many festivals. I even heard of this place called the blue lagoon where people can go swimming or relax at the spa. The blue lagoon is a natural geothermal spring. It’s so warm that all the pictures I found have steam rising from the spa. It would be fun to swim in it while all around you is so chilly! I read that the best time to visit Iceland is during January, February, September and October, especially for the Northern Lights to be the most colorful.

P.S- This is my 100th post on my blog! Yeah! So exciting!



Disclaimer: No pictures are mine, I found all online.



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