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Fashion Friday: Checked Shirts//Combat Boots



This is such a comfy outfit! Don’t get me wrong I love my leggings but sometimes I feel like it’s not the best option to wear as an outfit! haha. But for this one, I wore a longer tee shirt/dress tunic that I think flows really pretty over the leggings. When I wore this outfit outside I wore a coat with it. It’s from Cabelas and it has been my winter must have! It’s nice and warm and has more down in it than my mom’s north face coat! I find that so surprising! I would defiantly recommend it if you are looking for a winter coat. The coat also comes in gray and I want that one too!:)  Funny thing about the top is that I got it at Target during black Friday and I didn’t even realize it was maternity! It really doesn’t matter to me because it doesn’t look like it. All that made it maternity was the string that would go over the bump and the looseness, but I love that part!! Also, don’t mind the barn in the background. The color kept changing every time I took a picture!






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