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Traveling Bucket List: Australia

Happy Sunday!

Ever since my mom told me about how she spent a semester traveling abroad in Australia  I have wanted to go. She has told me so much, like how hot it was in the summer. She said it was so hot that they had vats of sunscreen on the beach at the beaches! That is so crazy to me! She also said that people would walk around town, shopping, and running errands barefoot after they went surfing! Australia sounds like such a fun place!

Of course I would go to The Sydney Opera House. I don’t know how much I would like to see an actual Opera. But taking a tour or just going because it’s iconic would be fun! Next to the Opera House is the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge which you can actually climb!

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I want to swim under the Jim-Jim Falls waterfall in Kakadu National Park or fly above it. Or go to Kings Canyon and watch the Red Centre sunsets and all of the springs and red rocks.



How could I forget about the Great Barrier Reef! I want to snorkel and see all the colors. I heard something about how it’s decaying, and if it is I need to go soon! And Nemo lives there so it would be nice to meet him!


Did you know that you can go skiing in the Australian Alps? I didn’t because I thought it was all nice and warm there!


Bondi Beach looks so pretty! Look at those waters, they so clear!


Have you been to Australia before? Let me know in the comments below!


21 thoughts on “Traveling Bucket List: Australia

      1. Phillip Island has it all.
        1. Chocolate Factory- you can make your own chocolate.
        2. Penguin Parade- at night you can see the penguins swimming to shore.
        3. Koala centre- you get to see the koalas up close.
        4. Maze n Things- it’s like a magic place, it is so enjoyable.
        5. Wildlife park- you can feed the kangaroos.
        Also Ballarat is a great place to visit. The gold mine is located over there. You can go on a gold mine adventure and so much more. 😊😊
        Any more questions I am here if you want to ask 😄


      2. Oh my goodness so much fun!! Such great ideas! I would love to see penguins coming to shore and making my own chocolate! Thank you so much for your recommendations!☺️

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  1. Never been but would not hate going!!! Whenever I go through pinterest and see the traveling photos of Australia I just day dream about being there!!

    xo, JJ


  2. Australia was my main bucket list travel, and I went there last October (which is mid spring there). It was from far my best travel ever, and I’m hinking about going again this octobre, but staying one year ! (I only stayed a month)

    I went snorkeling and scubba diving on the great barrer reef, and did some hang gliding. I posted a few videos about it on my youtube channel, maybe you’ll find them interesting ! 😀


    1. Wow! It sounds like you had so much fun! Hang gliding sounds so daring! I don’t think I could ever do it! I can’t believe you went for a whole month. I will make sure to check out your YouTube channel! Thanks for coming by my blog!


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