Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: The Chic Army Gal


vsco-cam-1-5  Utility jacket(forever 21) Windbreaker Jacket (thread and supply)//Striped Shirt(//leggings(similar)//Converse

Can you believe that it was 68 this past weekend here in Indy? Talk about a heat wave in February! This outfit is perfect for the in-between weather. I paired a green utility jacket with a striped shirt and some leggings with White Converse.You can add layers and choose long or short sleeve underneath.

As my cousin and I were perusing through the aisles of Marshalls we found a steal of a deal! I have always been in search of the perfect army jacket for an ideal addition to my wardrobe, and I found it! Not only does it have big pockets and a hood but also a string to clinch in the waist. I absolutely love it! I think it was $19.99 from a company called Thread and Supply. Unfortunately, Marshalls doesn’t have a website where you can see all of their clothes because it could vary by store so scoured the internet and found the closest looking ones! This will defiantly become one of my essential pieces in my closet!

While some people may only feel comfortable buying black converse, I prefer white. Most people would think of white shoes and then think of it as being dirty but I have worn these bad boys a lot and you wouldn’t even be able to tell! White converse make the whole outfit a little more fun! They can bring a pop of bright color to any outfit. If I could choose between white and black I would go with white!

Alright, time to wrap this up! It’s Friday and I hope you have the best weekend ever filled with sleeping in, friends and Netflix watching! Also, let me know if you have any wardrobe essentials that I should check out:)



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