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One Lovely Blogger Award


Boy, have I got alot to catch up on! This past week was a crazy blur full of many late nights and countless hours of homework! The good thing is that I am finishing up school before spring break! Only a week left (not that I’m counting or anything;))

I am really happy to say that I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by thestylishconfident. Andra’s blog is super professional and I can tell she really works hard on all of her posts! You guys should defiantly check her out.:)

The Rules

Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

Post the award

Share 7 facts about yourself.

Nominate at most 15 people and tell them you nominated them.

The Facts

My goal is to be a doctor when I grow up but I don’t know what kind yet!

When I was little I was putting stuffed animals on a fan. The fan was turned on and I hit my head on it. I got a cut but my friends head was torn open! I still have a scar on my scalp!

I don’t have a lucky number! I am trying to find one though!

I am a tea addict and have one whole ( very large drawer) in my house devoted to tea.

I had an imaginary friend growing up, his name was Moo Moo High Nu. Of you have ever read the Are You My Mother? book, I would always say the little bird that fell out of the tree was what he looked like!

I hate the mornings and I am much more of a night owl. I would literally just stay up to stay up.

My friend and I had has a business when we were 8. It was a spa business where we would paint nails, do hair and makeup and even the occasional massage. We even had business cards and a website. The website is probably still floating around the internet somewhere!

The Nominations











Thanks again thestylishconfident for nominating me! Make sure to check out all the people I nominated to see their amazing websites!

xxx, fromanamericangirl


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