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Top Places you MUST visit while in London! + Tips

Warning: Cringy Pictures from 3 years ago ahead!

As I sit here thinking about all of the trips I’ve been on and which one is my favorite, one in particular sticks out. That would be my trip to England in 2014. And if I were going for my first time, there are some places that I would for sure check out!  I actually blogged about mostly everything there so if you want to see those posts click here!

When I went I spent three weeks. One in the city, One in Matlock Bath and one in Windsor. While I love each one London was the most iconic. Let me know if you have ever been!

Tip: Invest in the London Pass. With this pass, you can get into many different museums and attractions for free and skip lines!

For the history fanatic: (aka my mom and grandpa)

Tower of London– Have you ever wondered where all the criminals went back in the olden days? They were sent to the Tower of London and famous people like Anne Boleyn, Sir. Walter Raleigh and Lady Jane Grey died there. While I visited, hundred of thousands of poppies filled the moat of the tower to thank all the fallen soldiers in WWI. I will never forget that! There is a museum full of armor and artifacts and this is also the location of the C R O W N   J E W E L S and the H O P E   D I A M O N D!! Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures of those! (Included in London Pass)img_2131img_2149

Poppies Galore!



Churchill War Rooms– I can seriously say that this was one of my favorites. During WWII the prime minister of England, Winston Churchill held secret meetings in rooms underneath the city of London. All of the rooms are still set up as they were after the war ended. I probably spent hours there! (included in London Pass)

Globe Theater– This was the original site of Shakespeare’s original globe theater except it’s the third one!(the other two were burnt down) I recommend catching a play if you have the time!img_2191img_2192img_2189

For the sightseer:

Buckingham Palace– I know you can’t go inside it but a girl can imagine!img_2182

London Eye– I loved soaring through the London skies and taking pictures of the beautiful city!img_2200img_2215img_2213img_2198

River Cruise– We did this before the eye to get our bearings straight and get to know the area. Our tour guide showed us all of the different buildings and all of the history.(included in London Pass)img_2177img_2175img_2176

Westminister Abbey– After previously watching the Royal Wedding in 2011 I thought it was so cool to walk down the same aisle that Princess Kate walked down! Also, see the iconic Big Ben bell tower! (included in London Pass)img_2060

For the shopper:

Harrods and Selfridges– I think most people can attest to how expensive both of these stores are but they are so cool! They had a real functioning car but kid sized. I think it was 50,000 pounds! We found a full toy room with a life-sized lego man and overpriced cupcakes!img_2179img_2180

Primark– The polar opposite of Harrods and Selfridges. I wish we has them over here in the US because everything is so cheap!

For the kids:

Universal Studios Harry Potter– I don’t think this was open when we were there but wouldn’t it be amazing to see where all of the Harry Potter movies were filmed?!

Lego Land– We didn’t go in the UK but in Florida. I’m sure the Windsor one would be as equally as fun!



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