Spring Break · traveling tips

10 Hour Car Ride Essentials​!

travel-essentialsI just got out of school for spring break and we leave tomorrow! Washingon DC bound! We are driving for 10 hours but luckily we are going to split up and stop in Charlottesville Virgina tomorrow night. In light of this long car trip, I thought I would share with you all of my travel essentials to conquer any long car ride! Also, this is a collab with the beautiful Madelyn from happygoluckyhoosiergirl. I have known her for six years now and she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Her blog is preppy and so cute you all should give her some love! She is doing a traveling tips post as well.

Patagonia- I got this jacket for this last Christmas and I have barely taken it off! I even took it to Florida with me in January. I would always bring I cosier jacket for the trip. Especially since the weather at this time of year maybe chilly.

Beats- I love my beats and bring them everywhere with me! Great to use when listening to music or watching movies.

A great book- I recently was reading The Selection Series by Kiera Glass. I am not that big of a reader and this book I couldn’t put down! It had me crying, laughing, and anything in between. I am so sad that there are no more books left of this series. I need another book to fill this void! Leave me your favorite books below!

Snacks- My favorite gum is Trident and my mom just bought a 16 pack at the store for the trip! So excited! Also got to love my good ol’ Camelbak and Clif bars, which are my favorite granola bar.

Computer- This bad boy is the power house of all of these posts and I know I will be watching some good movies on it!



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