Spring Break · virginia · Washington DC

A day in Charlottesville, Virginia

This weekend involved many hours of driving! I am so happy I’m in Washington D.C now! This is actually my second time coming to this great city. The first time was with my girl scout troop in 2015. This time will be so much different because I won’t be traveling with such a big group.

On Saturday we left the house by 9 and drove for a long time (5 hours) until we were really hungry and couldn’t wait any longer. I had never been to Bob Evan’s and we so happened to stop upon the original restaurant, in Rio Grande, Ohio, where it all started. It was Bob Evan’s farm where he made a diner and now it is a nice restaurant. I got really yummy chocolate pancakes because Brunch is served all day long! It was kinda cool to say that I’ve been to the original Bob Evans!img_4717


Then we spent the night in Charlottesville, Virginia in a hotel. Charlottesville is the home of the University of Virginia (UVA) that Thomas Jefferson designed. This campus was just as beautiful as Yale and I LOVED Yale! There is a famous courtyard called Academical Village, surrounded by Thomas Jefferson style architecture that now are student homes. A rotunda is on the north end and a hall on the south. It was so pretty! First, we went at night and it didn’t give it justice so I am glad we went the next day.


img_9996I looked on Trip Advisor for a place to eat. I found a pizza place called Christian’s Pizza. They were really good prices and open until 3 in the morning! I got a really good chicken bbq slice!img_4726

Since it is a college town, many of the restaurants are upon until 3 and Isomnia Cookies is one of them! I thought I had heard of it before and come to find out there are 2 locations in Indy! The thing with Insomnia Cookies is that they deliver until the late hours of the night. So if a student is late night studying they can order cookies to their door! Our cookies were warm and gooey. My favorite were the peanut butter ones! Silly me forgot to take a picture of them, but trust me they are good!img_4727img_4730That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for my next post about Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.

xxx, Kate


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