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Exploring Monticello

img_0007img_4754img_4749img_4748img_4764img_0003img_0004-2IMG_0013IMG_0010IMG_0015IMG_4777IMG_4776IMG_4773IMG_4772IMG_4768IMG_4767Do you know what’s on the back of the nickel? Well, it’s Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello of course! On Sunday we took the 15-minute drive from our hotel to Monticello for a tour. We got bussed to the mountain top. If you don’t know anything about Monticello then you wouldn’t know that it is on a mountaintop. Thomas Jefferson had grown up there and really liked the views and so he picked that location to build his house. Thomas Jefferson was a great inventor. He connected the weather vain through the roof so when he was sitting on his porch he would be able to tell the direction of the wind for his farming. He also had a clock that told you the hour, minute, second and even day. The clock was in the middle of the wall and on each side on the wall was 5 metal balls. Depending on the time of day, the balls would move down the wall to signify the day of the week.

Thomas Jefferson loved to build and designing architecture. He rebuilt Monticello 2 times and he finally finished it after 40 years. Even his wife didn’t live to see the final product. He basically had a mini town on the mountain with stores, gardens, and homes.

The tour was really cool but of course, you can’t take pictures. We got in his library (most of the books are in the Library Of Congress), his bedroom, parlor and living room. We even went into the basement where the servants, kitchen, bathroom, and wine cellar were.


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