Spring Break · Washington DC

Library Of Congress

IMG_4896IMG_0072IMG_0075IMG_4907IMG_0073IMG_4895IMG_4897IMG_4910IMG_4913IMG_4905IMG_4915Ok, I know I said the Capitol Building was my favorite building but I have a new one, the Library of Congress. When I first walked in I couldn’t stop staring at the ceiling. It’s just so beautiful!

Tip: take a tour of the library which are every hour and come later in the day so all the crowds will have left. We took a tour and had a really knowledgeable tour guide that was super helpful with any questions. If you get to the tour earlier than the start time you can watch a video about the library and learn about its collection. The library doesn’t just have books, it also has recordings, photographs, comic books, newspapers, maps, manuscripts, posters, movies and much more. There are 164,403,119 items in the collections! No, I didn’t memorize that. I looked it up!

We got to see one of the original Gutenberg Bibles! I learned about that in school! haha:) When we go to places like this, I learned that seeing the things that you work so hard on in school is actually fun!

After visiting Monticello we got to actually see Thomas Jefferson’s book collection which he donated to the library. The Library has most of his original books but they signified with a ribbon which were his and which are of the era.

Also, there is an exhibit going on about maps. I saw the first map to ever have the word “America” on it!

The Library of Congress is still an active Library that senators, congressmen and women and anyone that works in the government can visit. They can spend hours researching and reading books. I even think that the public can look at some areas but not check out the actual books. On the tour, there was a balcony that overlooked a big and beautiful room that holds many of their books. There was even a rotunda to top it all off!

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon! Catch up on my other posts in the meantime.

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