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Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks!


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear National Parks! Happy Birthday to you!

I have been to many national parks over the years. I love them and enjoy them so much and I am so glad that Cotopaxi reached out to me and told me that the 100th birthday of the parks is coming up. I am so happy to share with you guys more info on all about the parks, and some great info on Cotopaxi! I also have some really great pictures to share with you so stay ’til the end of this post to look at them!

This April is the 100th year anniversary of the National Parks. To celebrate this grand anniversary, on April 15th anyone can get into any National Park for FREE! I encourage everyone to get outside and go explore! Whether it’s going on a walk around the block while looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon, or on a hike in a National Park, get outside!

Cotopaxi is a great company that wants to move people to go on adventures and make a difference. They also are a benefit organization with a mission dedicated to giving back. For every sale, a portion is given to help global health groups to get rid of world poverty, and their adventure backpacks help provide the most aid!

Since I have been to many parks through the years, I have a few favorites. One of them is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Here’s a funny story about the time I first saw the Grand Canyon in 2015.

My mom (who had previously been to the Grand Canyon) was so excited and couldn’t wait to show us. She kept telling us how amazing it would be but I couldn’t see how it would be different than any other big pit I’d ever seen. We got to the canyon in the middle of a horrible snow storm and we could only see a small canyon about 100 feet across. I sarcastically told my mom “wow, that’s sure something!” (Thinking, “I knew it wasn’t all that amazing.”) But literally 15 minutes later, all the fog and clouds had lifted, you could see for miles and miles. Boy, was I wrong the canyon is beautiful and no picture gives it any justice! We snapped a picture of the clouds rolling away – see below. You can literally see how the fog cleared. Doesn’t this picture look like it is photoshopped?IMG_3479IMG_3480IMG_3488

If you travel to National Parks frequently, you can purchase a National Parks Passport. I have one and it’s really helpful. Every park I go to, I get a stamp for my passport so I will remember it forever. Some of the stamps are really cool and they always have the exact date you went.  I looked through my passport and it reminded me of all the places I’ve been and forgot! Here are the places I have recorded in my passport and since the passport divides it into regions of the US, I am too. I’m also listing them so you can see the great variety of places considered a park!

(NHP means National Historic Park)

North Atlantic Region:

Massachusetts: Boston’s USS Constitution and museum, Boston’s Charlestown Navy Yard, Minute Man NHP, The Freedom Trail in Boston

New York: Statue of Liberty Monument, Niagara Falls, Lake Placid

It’s really hard to decide my favorite out of all of these, but I think it would have to go to Niagara Falls. Lake Placid would come in second and the Statue of Liberty in third. Have you been to any of them?

Mid-Atlantic Region:

Maryland: Fort McHenry National Monument, Star-Spangled Banner NHT, Fort McHenry, Chesapeake Bay Gateway

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg NMP, Independence NHP, Valley Forge NHP

Virginia: Arlington House, Fort McHenry National Monument, Star-Spangled Banner NHT, Fort McHenry, Chesapeake Bay Gateway, Monticello, Colonial Yorktown NHP, Jamestown NHS

National Capitol Region:

District Of Columbia- Fords Theatre NHP, Petersen House, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park,  President Park- The White House, Star Spangled trail, National Mall, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial

Southeast Region:

Kentucky- Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Mammoth Cave

South Carolina- Fort Sumter

Midwest Region:

Indiana- Indiana Dunes, Lincoln Boyhood Home

Michigan- Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Missouri- St.Louis Arch

Western Region:

Arizona- Grand Canyon NP

Look at all the popular parks. I’ve checked one off (the Grand Canyon) and I have one trip planned to the Smokies for June.


Have you been to any National Park? If so, which ones are your favorite? Let me know your favs.

Wow! I can’t believe I have been to all of these parks! I bet I left some out too! I have scrounged through all of my pictures trying to find all of the ones from the parks I can! Enjoy the pictures!




^^^ Niagara Falls, Canada


^^^ Lake Placid, NYIMG_7369

^^^ Mammoth Cave with girl scouts, KYIMG_0107IMG_0109IMG_0175

^^^ St.Louis Arch, MOIMG_7927IMG_7933

^^^ Boston, MAIMG_8152IMG_8167

^^^ Statue of Liberty, NYIMG_0239IMG_0107

^^^ Washington Monument, DCIMG_5182

^^^ Iwa Jima Memorial, VAIMG_0159IMG_0158

^^^ Lincoln Memorial, DCIMG_5212

^^^ Vietnam Memorial, DCIMG_5221IMG_5226

^^^ WWII Memorial, DCIMG_5289

^^^ Jefferson Memorial, DCIMG_0247

^^^ The White House, DCIMG_3489IMG_3527

^^^ The Grand Canyon, AZ





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