Fashion Friday · Washington DC

A Week In Outfits: DC Edition

Hello! Welcome back to my blog and Happy St.Pattie’s Day!

For today’s Fashion Friday I thought I would share with you all of my DC outfits for the week (more DC posts coming soon!) Bare with me on the photos, some days I kinda forgot to take pictures but it all worked out in the end. You may see a trend in these outfits and it is that I overwore my green army jacket that is all the rage these days. I first featured this jacket in my previous fashion post if you remember that! As I was walking down the streets of Washington so many people were wearing variations of the jacket. Our cute flat had a brick wall that was the perfect place to take pictures! Also, if the links don’t match the brand that is because it is sold out or not available.


Sorry this picture didn’t turn out. On the phone, it looked way better. Anyways I wore a gray flowy shirt with a flannel from target which of course are out of stock and a black vest that I scored on Amazon. The jeans are from American Eagle and the brown boots are from Marshalls. IMG_4938IMG_4942IMG_4943Tueday

Cue my brother and his photos. I don’t even know what was going on with the second one! I have on a black and white stripped shirt from Gap that I originally bought as a dress but was too small. And the army jacket (that’s what I’m going to call it) is from Marshalls. The black leggings are from Athleta (love the pocket in the back) and I love my nike running shoes even though I don’t run!


I absolutely love this striped shirt from Ralph Lauren and if you can’t tell already, I love stripes! Second day in a row with my green jacket. The weather was just so warm I needed a light jacket. Jeans are from American Eagle and my classic white converse which aren’t so white anymore!


I didn’t quite get a picture of my full outfit on so the second picture shows that! I really love flannels (this one’s from target) right now and underneath that is a plain grey shirt. Same American Eagle Jeans and nike shoes. For half the day I alternated with my mom for my converse.


Our last day was the coldest day it hailed and rained and rained and hailed! I am wearing a warm sweater from Athleta with classic Kate style army jacket. Since it was 3o some degrees I pulled out my plaid scarf from Target. Again I went for jeans because they were the warmest pants I brought and my nikes because we did a lot of walking.

Which one was your favorite? I’d love to know!

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon! Catch up on my other posts in the meantime.

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