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The National Archives

IMG_4952IMG_4950 I woke up and was excited for all we had planned for the day! We were going to see the National Archives, the White House, the American History Museum and more but and I felt a little sick. So I decided to take medicine. I quickly grabbed for any medicine and saw a Nyquil bottle sitting on the counter and I assumed the other was Dayquil! I took a quick shot of it wanting anything to cure my cold. Little did I know that I took Nyquil instead of Dayquil! We had two Nyquil bottles and who knows why! I felt so exhausted walking the streets of DC. I didn’t know why for the longest time either, I thought I was really sick!

I’ve been to the National Archives before but we were on such a tight schedule that we couldn’t get a tour or see any exhibits.We got to take a tour and I totally recommend it! We saw amazing things like the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Magna Carta! It’s so sad that the Constitution is so faded. In the 1800’s someone had the idea to hang it in front of a bright window for all to see! Just over the 50 years, it was there, it became so faded you barely make it out anymore! But you can still see the John Hancock big and proud!

A few years ago you could even take pictures but you just had to turn off your flash. But so many people accidentally had their flash on that they had to take picture rights away altogether.

Helpful Tip: As soon as you get there, go to the rotunda where the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration are. This is the most popular place and gets more crowded as the day goes on, so get in line!

I thought that the National Archives were just the rooms with the important documents in it but there is actually a good museum in it too. There were letters to Ronald Regan from kids. A funny one was from a boy that’s room was a mess. He told the president that his mom called it a “War Zone.” He asked if the president could send funds and people to help clean it up because it was a “war crisis”. Of course he would contribute his piggy bank! That was only one letter among many cute and funny ones!

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon! Catch up on my other posts in the meantime.

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