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Hello Mr.President!


After the National Archives we made our way over to the White House Museum and the actual White House. Unfortunately, we signed up too late to actually take a tour of the White House building, but maybe next time! You need to put in a request to your Congressperson at least 6 months in advance so that they can do a background check. A friend of mine who knows the inside scoop, said that not seeing the inside isn’t a big deal. There is no official tour with a guide.  It’s just walk in, walk out – 15 minutes tops.  At least that’s what my friend said – can’t tell you personally!

The White House Visitor Center was interesting and was a good precursor to seeing the White House. There is a nice movie to watch, and lot’s of White House artifacts. Recommendation: If you want to take pictures on the south side of the White House, there are two areas you can stand. You need to go across the street to get a good picture and be as close as possible. Otherwise, cars could get in your way! 

Later that week my mom and I decided to go see the White House again and go explore more! It was pretty cold so my brothers and dad decide to walk home to get out of the wind and cold. My mom and I braved on because we had our big winter jackets. We saw the White House and Washington Monuments again, and the DAR (Daughter of American Revolution) building and stopped at some souvenir shops along the way. The best deals on souvenirs are in the trucks parked on the street by the Smithsonian museums.  I scored a sweatshirt for $20 (they were a lot more expensive in the stores).

We had about a 1.5 mile hike to our place. Since it was pretty chilly and we were feeling adventurous, we rented bikes! There are Capital Bikeshare rental stations all over the place. If you can, rent a bike, it’s a quick, fun and cheap way to see the sites. It was one of my favorite memories of the whole trip. It was so spontaneous and fun! My brother is 7, which is too young to ride the bikes, so I am so glad we fit it in. (You are supposed to 16 to rent bikes.) It was only $4 for us to ride 2 bikes for 30 minutes. Travel Hint: When you rent bikes take a picture of the map with the bike parking stops so you don’t get lost, or get the app. Right next to where we parked our bikes was a restaurant called Tortilla Coast. We knew it must be good because there were lot’s of locals eating there. Travel Hint: Forget the tourist traps, go where the locals eat. It’s usually cheaper.   I use Trip Advisor to get good ideas on places to eat.

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon! Catch up on my other posts in the meantime.

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  1. Awesome post. Loved your adding Trip hints and in bold which is good . You are amazing, you really make it so I want to go and ride bikes too. Love you, mimi

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