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My Verdict on the Supreme Court!


We got up at the break of dawn to go to the Supreme Court. jk! It was only 7:00! But getting up early really paid off, there were no crowds so we got in and out in an hour. As soon as we got there we watched a short video about the Supreme Court, how it was made and how it works. But then afterwards we went upstairs and got to sit in the actual Supreme Court chamber. We listened to a lady talk all about the Supreme Court.

Did you know that the Supreme Court is in fact NOT the highest court in the land?  It’s true, the tour guide told us.  What is the highest court?  It’s the basketball court on the roof of the Court House!  Ha ha. What?? Crazy!  Evidentally, they have to post a sign when court is in session so you can’t hear the ball bouncing. Another fun fact, when the building was built, it came in under budget, even with furniture.

Travel Tips on Visiting: Get there as soon as it opens to you can get the guided court room lecture.  It lasts a half hour, but you get to sit in the actual court. No photos allowed, so take good mental pictures. After the talk, you can walk out the main from door and down the steps. You get a great view of the Capitol Building from here.  Don’t forget to look up at the famous spiral staircase (see my picture above). Hold your phone. It’s a goner if you drop it. Check the Supreme Court website, because sometimes you can hear oral arguments. Seating is limited for that though.

I really loved going to the Supremes even though it was for a brief second!

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon! Catch up on my other posts in the meantime.

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