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A Girl’s Guide to Mount Vernon


Oh how beautiful Mount Vernon is! If you don’t know what Mount Vernon is, it’s George Washington’s home. If you’re visiting Washington DC, make time to get there.  It’s so close, those of you wanting an athletic challenge could ride your bike there. Yes, there is a path all the way there from DC.

We started off our adventure by eating at The Mount Vernon Inn and restaurant. It had the yummiest food and had a “colonial vibe” in the inside. I got a delicious Club Sandwich and hot apple cider! If you ever visit Mount Vernon this place is a MUST STOP! Travel tip:  Get reservations or go off-peak hours. It’s mid-range, but pricey for dinner. So save money by eating off the yummy dinner menu at lunch!


We arrived at Mount Vernon at 11:30 and our tour was at 3:45. I was wondering what we were going to do to fill up this big chunk of time. But I definitely recommend allotting this amount of time because there is so much to do!

Travel Tip: Leave plenty of time to walk the grounds – the views are awesome. Check the Mount Vernon calendar online to see what special activities are planned.

After we had our lunch we headed over to the huge gift shop and then to the museum. This museum was so interactive, kid-friendly and had more than 4 different theaters with 3D and 4D movies. It took you through the whole life story of George Washington from a boy until his death and even after. Even his dentures were on display! Scientists took his DNA and any description, portrait and resemblance of him to create many life size wax figures of what he would have looked like. (It was kinda like a spin on Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum.)


After the museum we walked all over the grounds. Mount Vernon is known for its beautiful gardens along the Potomac River. We saw goats and sheep that you can pet and all of Washington’s out-buildings. There was a garage with a carriage, a washroom, cellar, salt house, servant quarters, blacksmith, and assistant’s house. It was a mini village just like Monticello.


Washington and his family were also buried on the property in a vault. Every day they have several wreath-laying ceremonies (10 and 3).  When my girl scout troop visited DC in 2015 we got to participate in a wreath laying ceremony. So cool!


By the time 3:45 rolled around we weren’t even ready! The tour we went on was the VIP tour. (There are a bunch of different tours to choose from.) We picked a late tour at 3:45 so we could eat and see the museums first. The reason we decided on the VIP tour was because we got to go in the basement, see the Kitchen, Guest Quarters and 3 stories of the home. We started in the basement and worked our way to the top. We visited Washington’s room and saw the bed he died.  Martha was so sad after his death, she never slept in the room again.

I loved Mount Vernon and had a great time there! Have you ever been to Mount Vernon?

Hope you enjoyed this post! More DC posts coming soon but in the mean time you can catch up on the others!

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